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              English 11, 我们为什么要学习诗歌?

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              English 11, 我们为什么要学习诗歌?

              Why Do We Need to Learn Poetry in English 11?

              大连枫叶国际学校  校办  雷春晓

              枫叶的英语课就像公立学校的语文课,我们学习文学分析、分类型写作、修辞文法,以及诗歌创作。诗歌创作甚至是高二英语三大教学主题之一。 English class at Maple Leaf is like Mandarin class in public schools. We study literacy analysis, multiple types of writings and compositions, rhetoric and poems. Poems even take one of the three major learning objectives in English 11 classes. But why?


              如果你知道这张图片,看过这部电影《死亡诗社 Dead Poetry Society,你就会明白诗歌在文学表达中的意义。 就像电影中那位老师说的那样: If you know this picture, having seen the movie Dead Poetry Society, you would know the role that poems play. As the famous quotation in the movie says:

              We don't read and write poetry because it's cute. We read and write poetry because we are members of the human race. And the human race is filled with passion. And medicine, law, business, engineering, these are noble pursuits and necessary to sustain life. But poetry, beauty, romance, love, these are what we stay alive for.


              每个看过这部电影的人都冲动憧憬过,如果我们也能遇上这样的一位老师,经历这样的一种课堂… Every body who has seen movie will ever dream about having such a class. Teachers at Maple Leaf have made the dream come true. They let students feel the poetry and learn how to use texts to express their feelings.


              当老师坦然微笑地提出要求后,从犹疑到兴奋,学生们就这样在课堂上纷纷站上了凳子。When the teacher told students what to do with a calm and nice smile, from hesitation to excitement, students came to stand on the chairs one by one.

              老师:“你猜我们为什么要站上凳子呢? ” 

              Teacher: Why are we standing on the chairs?


              Student: To look from a different perspective.


              Teacher; Good answer, but why it is important?


              Student: To find something that we have never seen before.


              Teacher: Perfect answer, for you never had the chance to see the bald top of my head.

              学生们满堂大笑 。 students burst into laughter.

              老师:“记住这种新奇的的感觉,你自己现在的想法,尝试将他们表达出来,就是诗。诗歌是诗人最直白的情感表达。它经常将我们带入另一个观察角度。比如刚才就有学生问,为什么7岁的小孩子要去工作呢?如果是为了养活弟弟妹妹,那养不起为什么要生这么多呢?这既是不同年代的观察角度。也许那个年代,这都是很正常的事情。也许这并不是当时人们的意愿,却是生活中的常态。 小小的孩子,就要背负生活的责任,面临生存的危险。”

              Teacher: Remember the new feeling and what you are thinking at this moment, trying to say it out, that is how the poem is made. Poetry is the most direct expression of the feelings of the poets. So sometimes a poem will bring us another perspective. The question that one of our students has proposed is a good example of this. Why does a 7-year-old child need to go to work? If he does it for the hungry little brothers and sisters, then why do his parents have more children than they could afford? This is a different perspective of that age. Maybe at that time, a young child going to work was regarded as a normal thing. Though people living in the last century did not enjoy their life but that is what happened commonly. Young children had to take the living burden and encountered the threat to their life.

              老师:“诗歌的文字充满了象征性,就像一个个符号,能够激发你的情感。比如看到或听到这些形象,你会感觉到什么? “ Poems are full of symbols, which will connect you with some feelings. Look at the pictures below, how do you feel when seen them?

              红色玫瑰,浓烈的爱情;金色的阳光,温暖和光明;蓝色,安静或忧郁;蝴蝶,重生;狗,忠诚的朋友;蛇,狡猾和邪恶… THE Red rose makes us think of the passion of love; the golden sunshine brings brightness and warmth; blue leaves us calm and sad; butterflies stand for rebirth; dogs, loyalty and friends, and snake, evil

              不不不,学生说,是有钱和财富。在中国很多地方,蛇的样子看起来像串起来的铜钱,所以说明有钱。很多人会把蛇装饰品挂在腰间。 No, no, one student challenged, snake may mean wealth in some places in China, since it looks like a chain of coins. Some people will wear the snake-shape jewelry as decoration at the waist to show off.

              啊,是吗。所以很多的象征在不同的文化里是有不同含义的。比如说月亮,你们会感受到什么呢? Oh yes?  So many symbols hold different meanings under different cultures. One more example, the moon, what does it make you think of?

              亲人、团聚、思乡。Family and reunion.

              但是我听到和看到月亮,想到的是阴柔和女性。 这就是文化差异的一种体现。 But when I hear or see the moon, I will connect it with feminism. This is what is included in the culture diversity.

              诗的文字就像画笔,我们需要从文字中找出这些画面。这样当你自己写作的时候,你才能发掘出那个最能表达自己感情的词汇。当你读到,冬天的夜晚,一位老人孤独地走在路上。这表达了一种感情,也预示了老人的命运。 因为冬天是四季将尽,夜晚是一天的终结,而老人是年龄的末路。这就是象征,像风预示者变换,蝴蝶暗示重生,给你最直观的感受。我们刚才讲述的诗中,你能找到哪些象征? ” 

              The words in the poems are like the strokes of the paintings. We need to find the pictures out of the texts. So when you write yourself, you can explore and confirm the word that expresses yourself best. When you read that an old man is walking alone on a winter night, you can take the implication of the man’s fate, a sad ending, since everything is proaching a termination. That what is symbolic, the most uneffaced way to say how you feel. In the poem you just read, what symbols could you find? 

              “明亮的钥匙。” Bright key.

              “是的,给你带来是什么感觉呢? Yes, and what feeling does it bring?

              “把他从棺材中救出来,解救?“ Rescue?

              “是的,谁拿着钥匙呢?“ Good and who takes the key?

              “天使。“ The angel.

              “是的,天使在这里象征希望。“ Yes, so the angel means hope here.

              “那上帝呢? 在这里有特殊意思吗?“ How about God. Is there any special meaning?

              “可能有,比如说至高的能力与保护,也可能没有,就是指上帝本身。但是它给人带来的印象没有不同。“ Maybe, like the supreme power, or none. But the impression it brings stays the same.


               用文字图像来表达自己的情感,这是一个特别的写作技巧。当我们通过诗歌来学习这个技巧后,我们就能将这份才能运用到其他阅读与写作中,故事、叙述性论文,等等。Using texts to creat pictures and communicate feelings, this is a special writing skill. After we have learned this from poetry, we could apply this skill to other writings, including naratives and essays.

              好了,现在我们自己来试试写诗吧。OK, now let us try to write poems ourselves.


              对,就是把你们此刻的内心感受写出来吧…… Right, this face. Write down exactly what you feel at this instant, wirte them out.

              明天,我们来欣赏分析一下自己的诗~~~ And tomorrow, we will try to appreciate and anaylise the poems that we write today.