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              Walking and Running Around inside Classrooms and Corridors

              This is the Physics 11 Class

              科学课怎么上最好? 切身体验!知识概念如何复习?亲身实践!

              What is the best vehicle to learn science? In-person experience. What is the best way to review the concepts and knowledge of science? Hands-on practice.


              After the May holiday, in case students forget the concepts of Force and Power that they learnt before leaving for the holiday, the science teachers have planned a special experiment for them.


              Why is the experiment special?



              First, students need to complete this experiment by treating themselves as subjects. Second but not the least, nearly every girl needs to whine three times to complete the experiment process.


              先来点知识点介绍: 你的力量是你所做的功的总量除以所花费的时间。因此为了计算力量,你需要做功,而做功需要出力让物体移动一段距离。你的速度不会影响做功总量,但是速度越快,力量(功率)越大。

              Before investigation, let us review some of the physics knowledge: your power is a measure of the amount of work you do divided by the time it takes you to do it。Therefore, to calculate your power you need to do work. To do work you must apply a force to something and move that thing over a distance. How fast you do the work does not determine how much work you do but the faster you do the work the more powerful you are.


              Experiment: Find out how powerful you are by calculating the work you do and time you need to finish running up 4 floors. 


              Step One, Whine One: Want to Know the Force, You Need to Tell Your Weight.

              呜呜呜,女生们沸腾了。为什么做个科学实验,还要暴露自己的“隐私”?  Whines appeared. Why do we need to expose our privacy for science?


               ”What if we do not know(want to show) our weight?


              The teacher presented the warmest smile to the girls. Then he lifted a weight scale in front the class,” Dont worry, you can measure yourself right here.

              哀鸣声顿时上升一级。老师你好狡猾。老师你的笑容看起来分明只有“奸诈”。  Whines raised up, Teacher, there is full of duplicity in your kind smile.


              Some girls took down their weight on the lab sheet directly in silence while some other girls ran to the scale. The first girl of the latter group rushed back to her seat immediately after standing on the scale. She shook off her jacket then stood back onto scale again. By doing this, she reached the most important conclusion of the day: wearing a Maple Leaf jacket adds 1 kg to your weight.

              F=mg, now they know how much force would be needed in running the stairs.


              实验第二步, 哀鸣第二级:测量距离和时间,得出功和功率指数。

              Step Two, Whine Two: Measure the Distance and Time to Find Out the Power We Use in Running the Stairs.

                   距离很好测,量出每一阶楼梯的高度,数数一共多少台阶,彼此相乘就是距离。但是为了增加实验效率,每个学生要…尽自己最快的速度从一楼跑到四楼,还要标注出所使用的时间。而且为了实验准确,每个学生要…至少跑两次。Distance was an easy piece of work. The height of each stair multiplied by the number of stairs would tell the distance. But for the time part, students needed to run up 4 floors, and twice.

                 不是说好的科学课吗? 怎么还要搞体育? 加上数楼梯,要从一楼到四楼来回跑三次,呜呜呜,最讨论跑楼梯了。


              Isn’t it a science class? Why are we moving like in PE class?”“Including the counting of the stairs, we may need to go up and down 4 floors THREE times in total. Whining, running stairs is the last thing we want to do!!!


              实验第三步,哀鸣第三级: 计算分析实验数据,拓展应用问题。

              Step Three, Whine Three: Analyze the Experiment Result and Work on Extended Questions.


              While completing the calculation and analysis part in the experiment sheet, students were given two more questions in the bottom part of the paper: 

              1.   食物为身体带来能量。1卡路里等于4184焦耳的功。一个大份的麦当劳炸薯条约有400卡路里,估算有大约100根薯条,那跑一次四层楼高的楼梯所使用的功可以消耗多少根薯条的卡路里?

              Food brings energy to our body. Food energy is measured in Calories and 1 Calorie is equal to 4184 J. If a large order of fries from McDonalds is 400 Calories and about 100 fires. Calculate how many fries you need to eat to have enough energy to climb the stairs once. 


              The answer is HALF! One fry needs to run 8 floors to burn the energy. How are we going to face fries in the future?


              2.   麦当劳一份套餐里有一份大薯条,一个芝士汉堡,一个大可乐。吃完这一餐,你需要跑多少次(四层高的)楼梯?

              A meal at McDonalds has a large fries, cheeseburger(295 Cal) and a large cola (200Cal). How many times must you run up the stairs to use all the energy from this meal? 

              答案是~~ 300次。 呜呜呜,拜拜了,麦当劳,下辈子再见吧。

              The answer is 300 times. Whining, so long, McDonalds.


              Note the most energy we get from food is actually used for body functions and keeping warm.


              Such an experiment in class has left students with a strong impression. All-heart participation in a hands-on practice is how Maple Leaf’s science classes have students learning the knowledge and life sense.